• $65.00

This is Celeste. Heavenly, angelic and patient.

She is part of my sisterhood family. This family has been on a long journey and I am now ready to share them with you. I created Celeste with my OWN polymer clay flower canes which are placed on a white polymer clay square base. These intricate flowers were made by blending, rolling and manipulating polymer clay to create the desired flower design. I have also created 3D polymer flowers to add to her beauty. The outline of her face was created with black acrylic. Black felt has being secured underneath to protect any type of surface.

By placing an order of this piece, you have acknowledged and carefully read my polymer clay care information below.


Although cured polymer clay is waterproof it is NOT recommended to submerge in water. A soft wet cloth is ample to GENTLY wipe clean (only if necessary). This is a decorative piece with fragile pieces.

Take care not to drop your polymer clay piece, as it may break just like any other clay, porcelain or glass object. My pieces need lots of love and gentle hands!

Measurement: 9.8cm x 9.8cm

Each piece is individually handcrafted and will therefore have slight variations to colour, pattern, shape and finish, ensuring a beautiful unique and exclusive piece.

Please note that colours may differ slightly due to the lighting when photographing the item

Please see Care Instructions on home page.